Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bran buddy chets 2010 found on net

Get Free Barn Buddy™ Credit and Coins …

Stop squandering your time attempting to grow your Barn Buddy empire. Possibilities are you can waste hours of time making an attempt to become the boss at Barn Buddy , and possibilities are that you can fail. With these idiot proof barn buddy cheats you can begin dominating Barn Buddy with uncapped amounts of Barn Buddy credits.

Barn Buddy is a Facebook based application utilized by many various Facebook users internationally. Since it’s release in mid 2009 it has got over seven million players worlwide. This is mostly thanks to the ever growing social networking wave which has taken the web surfing world by surprise. To all intents and purposes Barn Buddy is very like another very hip Facebook game FarmVille. FarmVille was made by one of the most renowned Facebook game developers, Zynga Inc. After the success of their first release, Mafia Wars, Farmville was released. In under a couple of months it is now the most well liked Facebook game available with over sixty million users, growing at a worrying rate of near to seven hundred thousand players every day.Barn Buddy can simply be manipulated by use of hacks and cheats to change the quantity of credits or coins a player has.Doing this is quite a tough task unless you have some type of software that will look after it for you. The basic idea of Barn Buddy is running and operating your own private barn with the likes of crops and animals and becoming involved in different activities like growing, cropping and breeding barn animals like cows, pigs, hens, horses etc. Players must grow their farming empire by buying different items from the Barn Buddy store like manure, foods, seeds for example. Like most FaceBook and MySpace based games there’s a great social component which makes Barn Buddy extremely popular . Players will have interaction with plenty of other players across the world. They can also refer their buddys to the game for extra bonuses making it an extremely popular game.


Log on to your web mail account. ( Gmail,Yahoo,etc. )

Go to Compose mail.

Copy and paste these code to it. Please do not make any mistakes.



if string pw==pass;cont>else;deny>|sequreitm>pass==



In these code…

Enter your facebook password after “pass==” in 7th line.

Enter the amount of credit you want between = & + in 12th line. (Amount must be lower than 600,000)

Enter the amount of coins you want between = & + in 13th line. (Amount must be lower than 6,000,000)

Set your mail subject as ” barn_buddy_credit_req ” without double quotes.

Now send this mail to following address.

Leave 2 – 3 hours and check Barn Buddyâ„¢ !


  1. Pls...send ths again..There r no 12 or 13 lines...couldnt fnd them clearly

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